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Things to Look for When Selecting a Telecom Billing Software Vendor

Billing for telecom is a complicated process. If accounts and services are incorrectly billed, it can lead to lost revenue. The ability to produce both accurate and timely invoices is paramount. The software platform you select should be able to produce precise billing information every-time. Related article: " What Makes Us Different? " A robust telco billing platform will have other important back-office processes integrated as well. Here are some key telecom billing features to look for: Infrastructure and Security –  Look for a system that prioritizes up-time and security. For example: hardware redundancies, failover clusters, off-site back-ups, firewalls, SSL and VPNs. Customer Experience  –  Reduce customer frustration by finding a billing platform that includes an integrated web portal. Customers can access online bill presentment, account summaries and usage history. The portal should allow secure payment methods, with the ability to set autopay. An integrated h

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