Things to Look for When Selecting a Telecom Billing Software Vendor

Billing for telecom is a complicated process. If accounts and services are incorrectly billed, it can lead to lost revenue. The ability to produce both accurate and timely invoices is paramount. The software platform you select should be able to produce precise billing information every-time. A robust telco billing platform will have other important back-office processes integrated as well. Here are some key telecom billing features to look for: Infrastructure and Security –  Look for a system that prioritizes up-time and security. For example: hardware redundancies, failover clusters, off-site back-ups, firewalls, SSL and VPNs. Try to find a billing software vendor that is SOC 1 Type 2 compliant. SOC audits evaluate an organization's cybersecurity controls over time. Meaning their safeguards to protect customer data are sufficient and designed correctly. Customer Experience  –  Reduce customer frustration by finding a billing platform that includes an integrated web port

Our Billing Engine is Built for Speed!

Fast and Accurate Telecom Invoice Generation SPEED TimelyBill can easily perform a typical telecom invoice run of up to $2M in revenue / per hour. OPERABILITY During the invoice generation process, the system is still fully available to your users.  No impact on your daily tasks.  Zero slow downs, temporary downtime or limited functionality. RELIABILITY Proven track record of generating accurate invoice data for even the most complex billing processes. Small scale, large scale and everything in between. SCOPE Rated CDR or other usage Subscriptions One-time Charges Payments Refunds Discounts Adjustments Taxes Fees

Geocoding Addresses in Telecom

Screen capture of the TimelyBill address validation form. What is geocoding? Geocoding transforms a postal address into a spatial location on the Earth's surface. The resulting locations are output as numerical coordinates with attributes, which can be used for mapping or spatial analysis. High-quality geocoding uses addresses that are validated and standardized to ensure accuracy. It assigns latitude / longitude coordinates to addresses, making it easy for telcos to integrate location information with other business data. Why implement geocoding? Geocodes provide an ideal way for telecommunications companies to quickly inform important spatial decisions by enabling decision makers to visualize results. Locations need to be accurate so that telcoms can determine what services are available to a given house or business. An incorrect address could lead to wrong assumption that customer is not in a service territory.  It could also lead to repair troubles or difficulty in installat

Convert Incoming Emails into Tickets

Automatic Inbound Email Tickets Do you currently receive your support requests via an email address such as TimelyBill can convert incoming email from customers into uniquely identifiable tickets, and route them directly into our operations support system. Learn more at:

Integrated Bandwidth Phone Number Search & Ordering

Bandwidth Number Search Now Integrated within the TimelyBill User Interface TimelyBill OSS now provides direct integration to Bandwidth number ordering. This enables telecom companies to search for new local and toll-free phone numbers, and order them all directly from our GUI . Real-time Bandwidth number search/order includes: Number filtering by Area Code Number filtering by City or State Number filtering by Zipcode Pattern searches (i.e., 1234, abcd) Real-time location validation Bulk number selection Automatically linked to customer's account Multi-org capable TimelyBill's integrated Bandwidth phone number search and order screen.

A Timely Training & Support Portal

On-Demand Training Resource During the on-boarding process, TimelyBill customers gain access to our robust training and support portal.  Features include: Keyword Search Responsive Layout Training Videos Webinar Archive Technical Documents Feature Requests News and Announcements Link to Support Ticketing Partner Contact Information More... We continuously add content to our portal to ensure customers have a "how-to" resource for using the latest TBILL components.

TimelyBill Implementation Path Diagram

Considering a New Billing System? Here's a Visualization of TimelyBill's Implementation Process: Migrating to a new billing system is no small effort. Our goal is to help get unified communications providers up and billing as quickly as possible.  We are actively involved during ALL phases of implementation and configuration.  Your success is our success. Learn more here:

We've Moved!

We've moved! Our new and larger facility is located at 4207 Burnwood Trail in Denver, NC Denver, NC – July 1, 2017 – TimelyBill, a leading provider of telecommunications billing software, has announced it has moved its office from Huntersville, NC to a new, larger facility in Denver, NC. The move was effective June 30, 2017. According to TimelyBill CEO Michael Lates, the move was necessitated by the significant growth the company has realized in the last few years. "As our solution has become better known in the industry, demand has risen very quickly," said Mr. Lates. "Our new administration office and warehouse space is 2 times larger than our previous office and offers a more flexible layout. It will support our continued growth and expansion, and provide a better work environment for our staff. It reinforces our commitment to both our customers and our employees." The new 4,500 square foot facility includes private offices, conference spaces, a print/

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