ITEXPO 2021 Recap

ITEXPO 2021 Recap We at TimelyBill had an eventful and memorable experience at ITEXPO 2021. It was great to connect and reconnect with everyone that stopped by our booth! We enjoyed meeting with so many of our valued TimelyBill users face-to-face, especially when email is so prevalent. This year’s in-person event was an exciting reminder of what good is to come from a COVID-free future. Even before ITEXPO began, the team was hard at work setting up our TimelyBill display. Look for us next year with the same larger-than-life booth! Being right at the entrance, we were able to meet a wide array of ITEXPO attendees. We listened to the common pain points affecting today's CSPs and introduced many people to what TimelyBill has to offer. We were also able to meet some fantastic clients and hear great user feedback. TimelyBill is a customer-focused company, and we aim to make our software the best it can possibly be. Customer input is the best way we can

Be Prepared: Ransomware and Software Safety

Ransomware and Software Safety As an SSAE (SOC 1) Type II certified company, TimelyBill prides itself on having a reliable and secure platform. TimelyBill is always looking out for your company and its assets with our enterprise-level data security and compliance initiatives. Following multiple malware and ransomware attacks at the U.S state level, TimelyBill has been asked how to keep personal and company assets safe. TimelyBill is not a security system-- make sure your organization is equipped with high-quality security protocols. Firewalls, two-factor authentication , or 2FA, and secure backups are all elements of creating a secure system.  Be Prepared Before An Emergency Back up all important information and data to an external hard drive or another storage device. Create and maintain a company-wide backup plan. Make sure all users are on the same page. Regularly update and patch third-party software when updates are available.  Use different, strong passwords for every device and

TimelyBill Featured in Top Ten Billing and Provisioning Software List

TimelyBill Featured in Top Ten Billing and Provisioning Software List We are pleased to announce SoftwareWorld, the “leading software review and rating platform”, has listed TimelyBill among its “T op 10 Billing and Provisioning Software In 2021” list. SoftwareWorld is a review platform that showcases top software solutions suitable for various industries, providing a comprehensive review service by comparing the best software available on the market. The platform creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions by category, helping businesses find the right solution for them. How Do We Compare to Other Billing and Provisioning Systems? User-driven software that’s consistently updated to include new and bigger features 50+ tightly integrated components to support the full customer lifecycle Brandable agent and customer portals (SOC) 1® Type II certified for safety and privacy Perfect for single organizations or multi-organizational use Personalized and recorded training sessions  A

Feature Spotlight: Lead Management

Feature Spotlight: Lead Management TimelyBill has condensed the lead management process into a simple and easy-to-use component. With all key features included in the software, users can now manage their sales leads with just one application.  The Lead Management tool allows TimelyBill users to better engage customers and manage opportunities all alongside TimelyBill’s other telecom billing services. To better allow you to nurture your leads into customers, TimelyBill lays out each customer's information, history, and qualifications. TimelyBill can streamline the lead process through initial contact to signing a contract. While using TimelyBill's Lead Management tool, you gain access to nearly infinite benefits. Save time and cost from managing leads and allow TimelyBill to do the hard work for you.  Features and Benefits: Manage incoming leads Streamline the sales pipeline Quickly onboard customers Reduce pain points  View an entire customer lifecycle at a glance Save time and

Feature Spotlight: Visual Workflow Manager

Feature Spotlight: Visual Workflow Manager TimelyBill’s updated workflow management component   allows consumers to quickly design, manage and share a visual workflow. With our intuitive drag and drop system, managing your workflow solutions has never been easier.  “Our updated workflow component is a significant arrow in the TimelyBill quiver. These redesigned features enable our users to visually build workflow packages that can then be designated to fire automatically based on specific business rules. This will significantly minimize the potential for errors ,” said Luke Crissy, TimelyBill’s director of sales.  Streamline virtually any process of your business into a tidy workflow. TimelyBill’s workflow manager can significantly reduce production times. Studies show  that using a visual workflow manager significantly reduces revenue loss and increases productivity. Unlike complicated workflow managers, TimelyBill’s no-code drag and drop functionality is easier than planning in a not

Billing on Behalf with TimelyBill

Bill On Behalf of Your Partners and Resellers TimelyBill's multi-organizational structure, as well as its template-driven document handling, allows you to run multiple companies from within a single instance. Our software seamlessly manages parent-child company dynamics. One of TimelyBill's multi-organizational utilities is Billing On Behalf Of or BOBO. TimelyBill's Billing On Behalf Of functionality features enterprise-level security, flexibility and scalability. Managing parent-child companies or resellers has never been more efficient.  “Service providers prefer to sign on resellers who can resell products and services at high volumes rather than the ones who just enjoy the occasional SPIFF. Some resellers desire to promote their own identity while still acknowledging the service provider,” said Luke Crissy, TimelyBill director of sales. The TimelyBill multi-org capability includes co-branding, which allows a provider to promote resellers and its own organization by incl

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