TimelyBill at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2021

Channel Partners in Las Vegas It's time to register for Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2021! Use our code TIMELYBILL to save on registration. We will be showcasing our software at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2021, held November 1-4, 2021, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Channel Partners is the largest channel event for agents, MSPs, VARs, consultants, integrators and service providers.

10 Things That Should Be Included in a Telecom Invoice

Telecom Invoice Ideas A professionally designed invoice can help ensure you get paid on-time. A billing statement that clearly presents your charges and fees can boost customer trust and satisfaction. Here's a cheat sheet for communications providers and what they should include in their invoices.

USF Traffic Study Reports for Telecom & VoIP

Communications service providers that rely on safe harbor may face a disadvantage to competitors who use traffic studies. To help CSPs compete, TimelyBill is able to generate these usage reports on the fly. Here is an overview of how USF, safe harbor and traffic studies impact today's CSPs.

The Convergence of Managed Services and Telecom

Managed Services Providers A managed service provider (MSP) delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security, via ongoing support and active administration at customer locations. Traditionally, managed service agreements have included some or all of the following: IT Support Solutions — This support may be on-site or remote, but technicians generally respond quickly to help solve the ongoing technical issue. Managed Networks  — Service providers who manage networks can monitor them remotely for connection problems and download speed. Print Management  — Print management is a managed service that will help reduce printing costs by offering device support, printer upgrades, and maintenance, printer repair to minimize hidden costs. Cloud Back-up  — These providers implement cloud servers that act as a data center for backup and disaster recovery. Cybersecurity  — Cybersecurity services offered by MSPs can include antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-phishing softwa

Happy Labor Day!

Don’t think of Labor Day as just another day off from work, or just another holiday. Use it to reflect on this year’s accomplishments and take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.  A special thank you goes out to our TimelyBill team for their hard work and dedication! Happy Labor Day!

No Per User Charges for Our SaaS Billing Platform

We Allow Unlimited Users in Our SaaS Billing Environment Unlike other telecom billing systems, we do not charge additional monthly costs per user. This means an unlimited number of users can access TimelyBill. Typical users roles include: Super users / administrators Customer service reps Ticket support users Technicians Report viewers Customer portal users When considering a new billing software vendor, it's important to compare apples to apples.  With TimelyBill, user seats and licenses are part of our all-inclusive monthly fee  ↗️.  No additional charges apply. Our software is architected for 24/7/365 uptime, performance and security .  We currently serve a variety of telecoms. Clients range from VoIP start-ups all the way up to global enterprise level organizations. We'd be happy to answer questions, set-up a demo, or talk more about pricing.  To speak with our sales team, please call (954) 889-6699. Related article: " Telecom Billing Vendors Checklist "

Accounting vs. Billing Software in Telecom

A comparison of telecom invoicing systems: accounting versus billing software, and what's best for telcos. In today's competitive telecom market, sending timely invoices, collecting payments and tracking your company's financial health is critical to success. What's the best way to get invoices out to your customers so you get paid?  The most common invoicing systems are either financial accounting packages or automated billing platforms (like TimelyBill). Both of these software applications can pack a punch.  Here is a quick comparison of the features and limitations of each. Using Accounting Software to Produce Telecom Invoices Accounting software enables businesses to track financial transactions (payments, adjustments, etc.) for balance sheets, P&L, and tax liability. Most accounting systems allow companies to create manual invoices and handle the needs of the typical business. Accounting systems can typically track the following: Accounting functions General le

OSS vs BSS: How TimelyBill Helps Modern Communications Service Providers

Supporting Your Business and Your Operations TimelyBill offers a single stack OSS / BSS on a cost-effective, cloud model for both traditional telecoms as well as wireless  ↗️, VoIP, Broadband and IoT service providers.

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