Feature Spotlight: Making Telecom Taxation Simple

Service providers who provide landline, wireless, cable, internet, or VoIP are required to understand the complex nature of taxes and fees imposed on these services. Some examples of communications taxes include sales taxes, state and local telecommunications taxes, federal and state universal fund fees, and 911 fees.

Making Telecom Taxation Simple

Billing these taxes and fees can be very complex.  By leveraging our relationships with some of the top telecom tax databases, we automate the tax rating aspect of generating telecom invoices.

TimelyBill's robust tax engine enables CSPs to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Keep current on rates for states and jurisdictions
  • Geocode customers locations
  • Customize rates and rules
  • Categorize revenue for better reporting
  • Reduce the risk of audit liability or lost revenue
  • Look up US and international rates
  • Refund taxes with service credits
  • Override tax descriptions
  • Create tax grouping for invoice display

TimelyBill can help solve your telecom tax issues by applying up-to-date rates, automating the complex math, and accurately presenting them on customer invoices.

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