Faster Time to Cash

3 Ways Telecoms Can Automate for Faster Time to Cash Communication services providers often operate with tight margins, so managing cash flow is important. Late customer payments can significantly affect service delivery, investments, and payroll. Optimizing customer billing through automation is key to accelerating payments. Here's how.

Happy 4th of July

Just a reminder, the TimelyBill office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, for Independence Day. Our support team will handle automated tasks and emergencies only. Help tickets can be submitted here:

Mapping CDRs to Import into TimelyBill

How We Map and Import CDRs into TimelyBill for Accurate Telecom Billing In telecommunications, CDRs (Call Detail Records) originate from the telecommunication switches or exchange systems that handle and route phone calls. These systems log detailed information about each call that passes through them. CDRs are typically plain text "flat" files that store usage data in a structured format.

TimelyBill Expands to Atlanta Data Center

TimelyBill continues to grow with an additional data center in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, TimelyBill announced that another data center is online. Located on the East Coast of the United States, in Atlanta, it will meet the growing demand for the TimelyBill platform. The additional hosting location continues the TimelyBill growth phase.

Multi-Level Agent / Partner Portal

TimelyBill's "Best in Class" Partner Portal TimelyBill's multi-level agent/partner web portal has gotten even better. The latest release includes great new features, including a fully mobile-optimized interface! Our cloud billing platform supports multi-level channel partner management  Simplify Your Channel Management! Our updated portal lets agents view their commissions, disbursements, compensation, and other payments.

Keep Your Billing Data Secure

TimelyBill focuses on cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and locking down our infrastructure. This helps us build trust with our customers as we expand into  additional markets ↗️.  As we continue to build on our reliable reputation, these security measures help set us apart from our competitors. 

Turn Sales Quotes Into Orders

Easily Convert Your Telecom Quotes to Orders Using TimelyBill TimelyBill's telecom order management system  ↗️ spans the customer's intent to purchase a telecom service all the way through the realization of your revenue. TimelyBill makes the Q2C process seamless and easy!

Our Telecom Payment Solution

We Enable Your Subscribers to Pay Online. Our customer portal payment screen. TimelyBill makes it easy for your customers to pay their monthly phone bills with our customer payment portal. Our best-in-class telecom billing system automates subscriber payments. Providing a simple payment flow to help you keep existing customers.

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