Telecom Billing Process Flow Chart

telecom billing process flow chart

We are often asked, "How does TimelyBill rate usage, calculate billing charges and generate invoices?".

The diagram above depicts the telecom billing process flow from the service provider's usage, through invoicing and all the way to the processing of payments.

Here's a summary of standard telecom billing process steps below:
  • Step 1: Service provider gathers usage files within their network
    • Calls, bandwidth, faxes, per-use…
  • Step 2: Service provider pushes usage to a secure FTP location (via a VPN)
    • At predefined intervals
  • Step 3: Billing system imports usage and "types" the calls
    • Local, intralata, on-network…
  • Step 4: Billing system rates usage as per configured rating plans and decks ↗️
    • Charges, rounding of decimal places, free minutes…
  • Step 5: Billing system performs invoice generation and taxation
    • Customer's recurring charges, non-recurring charges, taxes, discounts…
  • Step 6: Billing system presents invoices to service provider's customers
    • Email PDF, print and mail, customer portal
  • Step 7: Billing system manages customer payment processing
    • Customer payments, credits and adjustments
For more information visit our website: "How is Telecom Billing Done?" ↗️

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