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TimelyBill vs Other Billing Platforms

How Do We Compare to Other Telecom Billing Systems? We're often asked what differentiates TimelyBill from other billing software vendors.  I'll attempt to keep this as concise and "non-salesy" as possible!  Here's what we see as our biggest advantages. Unique Design Approach We take a customer-driven approach to developing our software Our system is a full back-office, and not just for billing We Include Better Features Unlimited user access or seats Customer records can have multi-locations Integrated ticketing or help desk Four years of searchable usage, then yearly flat files for life of contract Brandable agent and customer portals Two reporting engines for both standard and ad-hoc (custom) Inventory system for tracking ESN, Circuit IDs, MAC, IPs, etc. Our Pricing is Competitive Low percentage of revenue pricing model Integrated tax calculation engine* No hidden fees We're Technology Geeks Optimized database and infrastructure High availability environmen

TimelyBill Expands to New Data Center in Las Vegas

TimelyBill Continues Expansion with New Data Center Option in Las Vegas TimelyBill today announced a new data center option on the West Coast of the United States, in Las Vegas, to meet the growing demand for the TimelyBill OSS platform. The additional hosting location prepares TimelyBill for the next phase of growth. TimelyBill will now be serving up their latest release via Switch’s data center located in Las Vegas. Touting themselves as “the most advanced data centers on the planet, Switch’s Tier 5® / Class 5® Platinum facility leads the way offering the newest Tier 5 classification standards.  “We are adding the new hosting location in response to our rapid expansion,” said Michael Lates, Chief Executive Officer at TimelyBill. “Our billing platform can scale to support large enterprise service providers while also providing a ramp up to our full SaaS offering.”   The expansion into the PST time zone meets a critical milestone in the execution of the TimelyBill’s business plan. Inst

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TimelyBill Expands to New Data Center in Las Vegas