Telecom Service Provisioning Automation

Order to Activate in Telecom

TimelyBill OSS helps automate telecom provisioning ↗️ to a variety of devices.

A typical provisioning process starts with a new order.  The order then triggers a sequence of steps, and ultimately ends with an activated service. Our software also enables communications service providers (CSPs) to design custom provisioning plans which execute up to 10 different provisioning methods, including:
  • Activating services
    We automate telecom provisioning
  • Suspending services
  • Resuming services
  • Terminating services
Each provisioning method can contain unlimited steps, to any number of devices.  During the process, TimelyBill is able to variable populate data from both services and customers.

Other TimelyBill provisioning features and capabilities:
  • Cisco / BroadSoft platform integration
  • Configurable REST Actions ↗️
    • AWS, NetSapiens ↗️, Metaswitch, Genband, Sansay and others...
  • SQL, Telnet, LDAP, HTTP, FTP
  • Terminal Emulation
  • Telnet, FTP, HTTP, emulation, SQL, LDAP, command line, or email
  • Legacy equipment emulator
  • Integration with Dunning and Payment modules
  • ANI, DID, Port, ESN inventory management
  • Detailed log history
  • Single-click retry of failed transactions
  • Automatic or manual initiation
We also enable the configuration of trouble tickets at every provisioning step. So, if a problem occurs, the right people are notified immediately.

In summary, TimelyBill enables service provisioning for telecom services with our provisioning and activation capability.  Also, check out our post on Order Management for CSPs.

Post was originally published on 7/31/18. Updated on 10/23/2020.

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