Automated NetSapiens Provisioning

TimelyBill workflows can automate NetSapiens provisioning

TimelyBill has out-of-the-box tools that can work together as workflows to interact with the NetSapiens platform.

Methods of NetSapiens integration with TimelyBill:

TimelyBill can create three levels of provisioning workflows:

#1 BASIC Workflows

Tasks Manually Completed by Users

You can use TimelyBill's visual workflow designer to create basic workflow packages with the tasks required to process an order. The workflow is built based on your unique business rules.

Workflow packages can be stand-alone or assigned to specific product events. (i.e., your DID can have separate packages for activate, suspend, resume, and terminate).

  • A workflow task sends an email to the assigned tech to manually accomplish a task.

During this process, some quick automated tasks are available, such as creating delays and sending emails to customers or third parties. Workflows automatically track package status and activate tasks (including parallel tasks) as necessary until completion.

TimelyBill workflow builder – package definition screen
TimelyBill workflow builder – Package Definition screen


Tasks Completed by Users + Automated REST Actions

In this hybrid intermediate workflow, you integrate the workflow packages with workflow rules and REST Actions (configured by your team).

  • A workflow task can be activated and trigger a variable replaced REST command.
    • Adding a user to your NetSapiens domain
    • Log the REST command
    • Record the task completed
    • Initiate the next task(s)
You maintain complete control over REST commands. You have the flexibility to use different commands to add NetSapiens users, all based on your unique requirements.
Data alarms can be configured to identify failed transactions and manually intervene. This provides a notable level of automation configurable directly from the TimelyBill interface.
TimelyBill workflow builder – rules configuration screen
TimelyBill workflow builder – Rules Configuration screen

#3 ADVANCED Workflows

A Fully Automated Provisioning Process

Custom code is written to intercept REST commands to automate complex tasks. This process can handle exceptions automatically based on your business rules. When a task to create a new NetSapiens user receives an error indicating the extension is in use, increment the extension and update the service record with the change.
TimelyBill can also handle complex provisioning scenarios, such as the need for dynamic SOAP messages or third-party data lookups before variable population. For example, it can retrieve MSAG address fields for an address sent to an E911 provisioning API.
Workflows enable the creation of tasks to synchronize steps between workflow packages. An order containing both data and voice services may need to pause the voice provisioning at a particular task until the data service is activated.
We also enable you to automate the processing of "unhandled" failures. A task failure can create a ticket automatically to provide immediate tracking and notification to the provisioning team.
TimelyBill workflow builder – REST actions screen
TimelyBill workflow builder – REST Actions screen
Control your NetSapiens provisioning... from manual processing to fully automated tasks, & everything in between.

TimelyBill also provides full back-office features, including integrated CRM, quoting, billing, and partner commissioning.

Sign up for a TimelyBill demo ↗️ geared explicitly towards automating the NetSapiens provisioning and billing process.

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