Feature Spotlight: Visual Workflow Manager

Feature Spotlight: Visual Workflow Manager

TimelyBill’s updated workflow management component allows consumers to quickly design, manage and share a visual workflow. With our intuitive drag and drop system, managing your workflow solutions has never been easier. 

“Our updated workflow component is a significant arrow in the TimelyBill quiver. These redesigned features enable our users to visually build workflow packages that can then be designated to fire automatically based on specific business rules. This will significantly minimize the potential for errors,” said Luke Crissy, TimelyBill’s director of sales. 

Streamline virtually any process of your business into a tidy workflow. TimelyBill’s workflow manager can significantly reduce production times. Studies show that using a visual workflow manager significantly reduces revenue loss and increases productivity. Unlike complicated workflow managers, TimelyBill’s no-code drag and drop functionality is easier than planning in a notebook. Let us provide your business with the perfect workflow management component. 

Features and Benefits:

  • No coding necessary
  • Visual drag and drop design tool
  • Custom business rules
  • Definable workflow packages and items
  • Automatic notification and routing
  • Dynamic custom file generation
  • Trigger actions based on database, email and REST 
  • Update billing and/or provisioning status of services on completion

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