Spotlight: Automatic Order Fulfillment

Configure TimelyBill to manage orders and shipments to your customers.

Launch and track fulfillment workflows
Our integrated workflow tool can launch and track your order fulfillment processes.

What is the Fulfillment Process?

Order fulfillment involves processing and delivering orders to customers. Simply stated, the process starts with a customer placing an order and ends once they receive it.

Automate Fulfillment Using Workflow and REST Commands

TimelyBill's workflow management component automates the initiation and tracking of fulfillment packages. Users can visually build workflows that can automatically trigger the fulfillment process.

TimelyBill's fulfillment automation commonly uses these four functional REST-driven operations:

  1. Order Post
  2. RMA Post
  3. Cancel Order
  4. Order Status

Typical Order Contents

Orders contain all the pertinent information regarding the shipping of the order.  For example:
  • Order Number
  • Line Items
  • Vendor Name
  • Shipped Date
  • Tracking Number

Splitting or Combining Orders

A single order might generate multiple shipping orders when its items have different shipping addresses or dates. Additionally, you can configure workflows to combine multiple orders into a single shipment when appropriate.

Management Tools and Search Capabilities

To help manage and monitor the fulfillment process, TimelyBill allows users to quickly find all relevant data.
  • Fulfillment Search
  • Line Item Search
  • RMA Search
  • RMA Item Search
  • REST Logs
TimelyBill helps manage your entire fulfillment process. Speed up processes, save time, and reduce human error!

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