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Lead to Revenue Tool for CSPs

We Help Streamline Your Lead to Cash Process TimelyBill OSS offers an integrated solution designed to meet the demands of today's CSPs. With our single-stack platform ... rating, charging, invoicing, and payment management are combined in a flexible cloud-based solution. Our application enables service providers to bundle convergent offerings in a seamless "lead-to-revenue" customer funnel . A "lead-to-revenue" customer funnel in TimelyBill refers to the process through which potential customers are identified, engaged, and eventually converted into paying subscribers. This funnel encompasses various stages that a prospect goes through before becoming a revenue-generating customer. Here's an example of lead-to-revenue features and tools included in TimelyBill: Lead/prospect management Opportunity tracking Activity tracking Notes history Quote management Create from within lead or customer accounts Include bundles and discounts One-time and subscrip

Telecom Billing Trends 2019

The presentation was given at the Compliance Solutions Inc. Executive and CPA/CPE conference in San Diego, CA. Sept 9-11 2019.  Presented by TimelyBill's Director of Sales, Luke Crissy . Information oriented toward trends in the billing vertical and was part of the "Executive Track Sessions". Telecom Billing Trends 2019   from  Bill Perfect, Inc.

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