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Feature Spotlight: Optimize Customer Bill Presentment

Hide products, display as taxes, and present in multiple languages. Configurable Invoice Presentation Options for Service Providers.  Convergent Billing Challenge:  Today's unified communications bills contain a blend of products such as voice, data, cable, SMS, and more. Incorporating all of these mixed services, fees, and charges into a single invoice can be challenging. The clear presentment of customer bills is now more important than ever.   Our Solution:  TimelyBill has added configurable options to our product catalog screens. These flexible features put you in control of how your bill is presented.   Features Descriptions: Show / Hide Products, Display Products, as a Tax and Use Multiple Languages.   Unified communications providers can now both hide products or display them in the tax section of a customer invoice. They can also translate product descriptions to multi-languages.  This flexibility helps make invoices easier to read, thereby improving the customer experienc

Telecom Invoice Management

Complete Telecom Invoice Management TimelyBill allows communications service providers to define, manage, generate and print an unlimited amount of invoice styles. Related article: View a Sample VoIP I nvoice Our unique template-based approach allows telecom companies to present different invoices to their customer base.  For example, invoices sent to business customers may include more detailed call record information.  But invoices sent to residential customers are simpler and include summaries of charges only. Telecom Invoice Branding and Marketing Features TimelyBill invoices are professionally designed and can include: Custom logo and colors Dynamic messages Translated languages Page inserts for marketing or instructional purposes Telecom Invoice Customer Features Invoices can include a range of customer account and services information: Customer PIN codes "How to" read the bill instructions Customer payments Account adjustments Tax amounts Total charges summary Display

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