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Migrating to a Single Stack Billing Platform

"Single-Stack" Billing and Back-Office Platforms What Is a Single-Stack Solution? Before we get into the benefits and considerations of single-stack back office software, let's define it. A single-stack solution is a unified set of software components designed to operate as a single solution. In a single-stack solution, components are tightly integrated and generally delivered by a single vendor. Some components may be provided by different vendors, but they are pre-integrated to work as a single solution. The number one reason companies seek a single-stack solution is to eliminate the " swivel chair problem ." Some key points: A unified set of software components to facilitate back-office operations Tightly integrated Single vendor or pre-integrated 3rd party Typical components include: CRM Quoting Billing Product catalog Usage rating Reporting Payment processing Ticket management Workflow Customer portals Collections management Benefits of "Single-Stack&q

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