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Convert Incoming Emails into Tickets

Automatic Inbound Email Tickets Do you currently receive support requests via an email address such as TimelyBill can convert incoming emails from customers into uniquely identifiable tickets and route them directly into our operations support system. Learn more at:

Integrated Bandwidth Phone Number Search & Ordering

Bandwidth Number Search Now Integrated within the TimelyBill User Interface TimelyBill OSS now provides direct integration to Bandwidth number ordering. This enables telecom companies to search for new local and toll-free phone numbers, and order them all directly from our GUI . Real-time Bandwidth number search/order includes: Number filtering by Area Code Number filtering by City or State Number filtering by Zipcode Pattern searches (i.e., 1234, abcd) Real-time location validation Bulk number selection Automatically linked to customer's account Multi-org capable TimelyBill's integrated Bandwidth phone number search and order screen.

A Timely Training & Support Portal

On-Demand Training Resource During the on-boarding process, TimelyBill customers gain access to our robust training and support portal.  Features include: Keyword Search Responsive Layout Training Videos Webinar Archive Technical Documents Feature Requests News and Announcements Link to Support Ticketing Partner Contact Information More... We continuously add content to our portal to ensure customers have a "how-to" resource for using the latest TBILL components.

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