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Feature Spotlight: Multi-Org Capable Telecom Billing

Our multi-tenant structure enables telecoms to run multiple companies from within a single instance of TimelyBill. In TimelyBill, your organizations are managed separately, giving you enterprise-level security and flexibility.  Multi-org benefits include: Manage Multiple Companies i.e., Residential, Business, or Subsidiaries Use Multiple Currencies i.e., US Dollars or Euros Sell in Multiple Countries i.e., US, Canada, or Australia Configure Unique Product Catalogs i.e., VoIP, Wireless or IoT Distinct Reporting and Accounting User Access Limited by Organization Set-up Customized Templates Quotes Ticket emails Invoices and more Launch Custom Branded Portals Use personalized domains / URLs Define unique payment methods Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express Bill on behalf of resellers

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