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Lead to cash process in telecom
TimelyBill OSS offers an integrated solution designed to meet the demands of today's CSPs. With our single-stack platform... rating, charging, invoicing, and payment management are combined in a flexible cloud-based solution.

Our application enables service providers to bundle convergent offerings in a seamless "lead-to-revenue" customer funnel.

A "lead-to-revenue" customer funnel in TimelyBill refers to the process through which potential customers are identified, engaged, and eventually converted into paying subscribers. This funnel encompasses various stages that a prospect goes through before becoming a revenue-generating customer.

Here's an example of lead-to-revenue features and tools included in TimelyBill:

  • Lead/prospect management
  • Quote management
    • Create from within lead or customer accounts
    • Include bundles and discounts
    • One-time and subscription-based services
    • Real-time tax calculations
    • Integrated e-signature capability
    • Share via email or PDF
  • Orders orchestration
    • Single-click conversion of quotes to orders
    • Trigger automated workflows and provisioning queues to activate services
  • Invoice generation
    • Generate on-demand or automate recurrence
    • Flexible and customizable invoice templates
    • Rate any type of usage (call records, SMS, fax pages, bandwidth, users, etc.)
    • Includes telecom tax
  • Payment management
    • The online customer portal accepts credit cards or ACH
  • Debtor management
    • Dunning and collections
    • Variable data-driven emails and letters
  • Business Intelligence
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Export data upstream or downstream
TimelyBill can handle each stage of this funnel to move prospects smoothly from awareness to becoming loyal, revenue-generating customers.

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