10 Things That Should Be Included in a Telecom Invoice

10 Things to Include in a Telecom Invoice
Telecom Invoice Ideas

A professionally designed invoice can help ensure you get paid on-time. A billing statement that clearly presents your charges and fees can boost customer trust and satisfaction.

Here's a cheat sheet for communications providers and what they should include in their invoices.

What should be included in a telecom invoice?

  1. Your company name and address
  2. A unique invoice number
  3. The date of the invoice
  4. The address of the customer
  5. The due date
  6. The date of services provided
  7. A description of the goods/services
  8. The amount of the services and taxes to be paid
  9. The total amount payable
  10. How to pay the invoice

5 optional items to include:

  1. Your company logo
  2. Important messages to your customers
  3. The usage or call detail
  4. How to read your bill
  5. A change of address form
Telecom companies may also consider presenting different invoices to their customers.  For example, invoices sent to businesses might include detailed call record information.  But residential customers would receive a simpler, summary-based invoice.

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