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Bill on Behalf of for Telecom
TimelyBill's multi-organizational structure, as well as its template-driven document handling, allows you to run multiple companies from within a single instance. Our software seamlessly manages parent-child company dynamics.

One of TimelyBill's multi-organizational utilities is Billing On Behalf Of or BOBO. TimelyBill's Billing On Behalf Of functionality features enterprise-level security, flexibility and scalability. Managing parent-child companies or resellers has never been more efficient. 

“Service providers prefer to sign on resellers who can resell products and services at high volumes rather than the ones who just enjoy the occasional SPIFF. Some resellers desire to promote their own identity while still acknowledging the service provider,” said Luke Crissy, TimelyBill director of sales.

The TimelyBill multi-org capability includes co-branding, which allows a provider to promote resellers and its own organization by including both company logos on invoices. If a reseller is a high producer or has special requirements, it can be set up as a separate organization. The reseller would operate as an entirely independent entity within TimelyBill. Separate organizations have personal flexibility, including their own distinct product set, accounts payable or accounts receivable invoicing and a personal branded customer portal. 

TimelyBill's Bill On Behalf Of functionality keeps you and your resellers separated and managed. TimelyBill takes a user-centered approach to client management-- Billing On Behalf Of can compliment your current setup or be used as a hands-on approach to your new multi-organizational management system. 

Features and Benefits:

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