No More Swivel Chair Billing

Are you still living in a swivel-chair world?

Stop swivel-chair billing
TimelyBill's single-stack billing solution eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into multiple systems.

A swivel chair process requires manually entering the same data into different systems.

For example, you enter customer information into a lead management system and then need to enter the same information into your billing system after they become a client.

Any time a user enters data into a system, incomplete data or errors can be introduced into the process. In telecom, this can become a huge problem. A bad customer address can cause service deliverability problems and make it more difficult to collect payment.

By the way, our billing platform includes United States Postal Service address validation and geocoding!

TimelyBill's all-in-one or single-stack architecture helps alleviate these potential mistakes because all our tools are integrated within a single database. For example, if you enter a prospect's information into our system, that same data can be attached to quotes, orders, support tickets, and billing.

If you want to use an upstream or downstream platform besides ours, that is no problem. In TimelyBill, we can use REST APIs for data syncing or automate file exports to feed into your other systems.

The point is that TimelyBill fits in nicely with most back offices.  Whether you want to use all our integrated tools or just some core functionality. We usually play nice with others!

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