Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Our flexible customer account management tools are designed to help service providers deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Here are some key features of TimelyBill's core CRM tool:

Telecom customer data management:

Securely manage and organize your customer data within our system. Store, update, and retrieve customer info, such as contact details, service subscriptions, billing information, and notes history.

Track customer data and gain valuable insights:
TimelyBill delivers a better customer experience

The system enables tracking and analysis of customer data to derive meaningful insights. It may include metrics such as customer usage patterns, service preferences, and payment behavior. By analyzing this data, telecom companies can make informed decisions, improve customer experience, and optimize their services.

Support multiple organizations (segment different currencies, countries, or verticals):

Our software enables service providers to support multiple organizations within a single platform. It allows segmentation based on different factors such as currencies (for international operations), countries (for compliance and tax purposes), or verticals (for serving diverse industries). Each organization can have its specific settings, configurations, and data separation.

Support multiple addresses per account or service:

Customers may have multiple addresses associated with their accounts or services. This feature allows telecoms to handle and manage multiple addresses for a single customer. It ensures accurate billing, service provisioning, and delivery to the correct location.

Access invoices, payments, adjustments, call details, and collections history:

View customer-related financial information and transaction history, including invoices (bills), payment records, adjustments made to accounts, detailed call records (call detail records or CDRs), and collections history (information on past due or unpaid bills). Access to this information helps with billing questions, dispute resolution, and financial reporting.

Get a detailed service overview with the ability to view and initiate provisioning changes:

This feature provides a comprehensive view of the services subscribed to by a customer. It includes service plans, features, usage limits, and billing information. TimelyBill users can also initiate changes to the provisioning of services, such as activating or deactivating specific features, upgrading or downgrading plans, or modifying service parameters.

Generate system or user-initiated follow-ups:

The system allows for generating tasks or reminders either automatically or manually. These follow-ups can be associated with customer accounts, services, or interactions. They help ensure that necessary actions are taken, such as callbacks, issue resolution, or proactive customer engagement.

Validate addresses with built-in USPS look-ups and geocoding:

TimelyBill incorporates built-in tools that utilize the United States Postal Service (USPS) look-ups and geocoding. This validation process verifies and standardizes addresses, ensuring they are complete, correct, and compatible with postal services.

Save notes with highlighting and history:

Users can add notes and comments about customer interactions, issues, or other relevant info. Highlight important details and maintain a searchable note history for future reference. It helps in collaboration and keeping a record of customer-related communication.

Store account-related documents and files:

Our OSS enables the storage of account-related documents and files securely. These documents can include contracts, agreements, service requests, or any other relevant files associated with customer accounts. Centralized storage ensures easy access, retrieval, and management of these documents.

Initiate quotes and orders based on specific product catalog definitions:

Sales reps can create and initiate quotes and orders for services based on a predefined product catalog. The catalog contains detailed information about available services, pricing, features, and options. This feature simplifies the sales process, ensuring accurate quoting and ordering of services.

Customize text fields, drop-downs, and checkboxes:

Our system allows users to customize text fields, drop-down menus, and checkboxes to cater to specific business requirements or preferences. This flexibility enables users to adapt the user interface to unique workflows, capture relevant data, and streamline data entry.

Perform full or partial refunds to credit cards:

In cases where refunds are necessary, the application can process either full or partial refunds to credit cards. This feature simplifies the refund process for billing-related issues, cancellations, or account adjustments.

Search for billed and unbilled calls:

Users can search and retrieve information on both billed and unbilled customer calls. This feature provides visibility into call records, call durations, destinations, and associated charges. It assists in resolving billing discrepancies, identifying usage patterns, and managing customer questions.

Set up prepaid or postpaid accounts:

We support the setup of both prepaid and postpaid accounts for customers. Prepaid accounts require customers to make payments in advance, while postpaid accounts bill customers after using the services. This feature accommodates different billing and payment models to fit customer preferences or business requirements.

Updated on 7/18/23.

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