Convergent Charging Software for Telecom

Convergent billing for telecom

TimelyBill is a convergent charging and billing solution for the telecommunications industry.

What is Convergent Billing or Convergent Charging?

A convergent charging solution combines all service charges into a single invoice and presents a consolidated view to the customer. Customers receive an itemized bill and make one payment for all the services. Convergent billing also increases transparency to customers (i.e., no hidden fees) and helps foster customer loyalty and trust.

About TimelyBill's Billing Engine

In our convergent billing system, service providers benefit from a holistic and detailed perspective encompassing all customer accounts. This advantageous vantage point empowers them to quickly introduce new products into the market, engage in cross-promotional activities, and package various services. This comprehensive overview of customer accounts provides service providers with a strategic edge, enabling them to identify opportunities for innovation and business growth swiftly.

By having access to a 360-degree view of customer accounts, service providers can streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences. This comprehensive insight allows them to identify trends, preferences, and consumption patterns across diverse services. With this wealth of information, service providers can tailor their offerings to align with customer demands and preferences, fostering deeper customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Service providers can leverage TimelyBill to manage and deploy product launches across multiple service categories effectively. This ensures that providers remain competitive and responsive to the rapidly evolving telecom landscape.

Service providers can also optimize their cross-selling strategies and enhance revenue streams by offering customers targeted promotions that resonate with their preferences and usage behaviors.

With a thorough understanding of their customer base, telecoms can configure bundles that align with specific customer segments. These bundles can combine complementary services, creating value propositions that appeal to a broader range of customers.

TimelyBill's convergent billing software empowers telecoms with a comprehensive toolkit for business growth and customer engagement. The synergy between a holistic customer view, efficient product launches, cross-promotions, and bundling improves customer satisfaction and business success.

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