TimelyBill Release Spring 2021

Highlights from TimelyBill's March 2021 Release.

TimelyBill Spring 2021 Feature Release
We've been busy!  We have just launched a major release as part of our continuous effort to make the best telecom billing / OSS application available.

2021 highlights include:

New Features:

  • File Importer can schedule importing of files such as lockbox files, notes, refunds, and adjustments.
  • Customer Messaging allows configurable, scheduled recurring emails to be sent to customers.
    • This can be used to automate tasks such as annual service renewal reminders and credit card expirations or provide help service reminders after a period of activity.
  • The new "Ticket Closer" allows for automated closing of trouble tickets based on any query of data in TimelyBill.
    • i.e., change status to closed after three days in pending close with no customer notes.
  • Bill now supports setting international country codes for international taxation and audit email configuration to send automated results of the invoice process when complete.
  • The assigned services pages now display icons indicating pending changes.
  • The assigned services page also links to workflow packages or orders related to the service record.
  • Administrators can now manually trigger the bulk sending of customer invoices.
  • The Email Queue page now has a resend email button, which creates a new record for resend.
  • REST Log now contains the workflow rule ID and event source that triggered the rest action workflow rule.
    • Page also allows the record to be "opened" so the full body and response can be easily viewed and copied.

Customer Management:

  • Customer tabs are consolidated into a single tab with basic customer data, advanced locations, contacts, payment methods, portal users, and notes.
  • Now fully adaptive/responsive, the page and all related tabs/grids will adapt to any screen, including mobile phones.
  • Added token and language/culture tracking options.
  • Added the ability to manage multiple credit card and ACH payment methods.
  • Quick Search enabled for alphanumeric ESN fields.

Product Catalog:

  • Added configuration flag to facilitate displaying or hiding product charges in the tax section of invoice PDFs.
  • Automatic add-on configuration now supports selecting non-add-on product types.
  • Modification of "restriction" type configurations.
    • Added quantity restrictions per account and location and upgrade/downgrade capability.
  • Added user-defined "attributes" to products for key/value pairs attached to product configurations.
  • Added multi-lingual support for invoice descriptions, and price level override descriptions.

Order Management:

  • Added Workflow package creation and linkage from the Manage Order page.
  • Order Management template configuration upgraded.
  • Added the ability to manage the organization template from the GUI.


  • Added 11-digit service number searching to the Quick Search.
  • Added Bulk Contract Start and Bulk Contract End date to the Manage Service bulk changes.
  • Modify Service Status page now presents any pending status changes and allows for cancellation of the pending change.


  • Added configuration page for Payment Notifications.
    • This allows administrators to configure payment confirmation emails to their customers from the GUI.
  • Added CyberSource and tokenization as a credit card processor.


  • Adjustments now contain a "Minimum Date" field to be used in aging.


  • Added API support for combined flat rate and percentage-based late fee calculations.
  • Added parameter support to apply a recovery fee/tax code to invoices with a method of Mail or Both.
  • Added automatic auditing of invoice job data and email notification of tax failures.
  • Added support for passing specific countries for International taxation.
  • Added tax bundling capability to CSI tax processing.
  • Added configurations to Recovery Fees to allow suppression or rate changes via custom fields.


  • Added the ability to write client ID and service ID fields directly into the importer core.
  • Added Usage Plan Deck Rate view to ad-hoc, which allows access to individual rates in the rate deck.
  • Rating performance improvements.
  • Auth code products with the Passcode field populated can assign usage based on the usage record pin number field (without requiring an auth code group to be created or assigned to the service).
  • Usage summary duration to accommodate non-minute based summaries handled summaries > 2 billion units.


  • Ticket configuration pages upgraded.
  • Ticket Status and Priority configurations converted to multi-organization capability.
  • Added Queue Worker Email to Trouble tickets.


  • Added "REST Action" configuration pages to support REST calls from within Workflow Rules.
  • Workflow Rule Actions now support REST calls.
  • Added workflow package assignment support for Orders.
  • Added PATCH as a REST Action verb option.
  • Added Amazon capability to TB Rules for REST support.
  • Added Administration, REST Log page provides access to historical REST transactions.
  • Added REST options to provision plans.
  • Upgraded provision configurations.
  • Added variable replacement to Workflow Package Items in TB Rules.
    • Workflow, Service, Customer, Order, Order Item, Order Item Value, Product Attributes.


  • Word document variable population performance improvements. 
  • Date/Time formats standardized to date format of 4 digit year.


  • Dunning Generator modified to perform the full write-off functionality (adjustment posting) when processing a write-off.
  • Extended DocuSign Copy to copy related tab configurations.
  • Upgraded email send-related components to the latest .NET frameworks to ensure TLS1.2 negotiation.

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