Build Product Types with Usage Plans

Using product types and usage plans

Timely Tips #2

Build usage-based products and relate them to specific rate plans.

TimelyBill uses product types to determine how the billing system handles service and what information needs to be stored along with it.  For example, setting a product as toll-free requires you to assign a number as well as a usage plan.

The preset TimelyBill product types enable you to configure and sell either simple or complex consumption-based services. Let's take a look at the out-of-the-box product types that are available in the TimelyBill product catalog.

Cellular, Local Facility, Local Resale, and VoIP Products  These product types have the ability to relate to usage records. They require a usage plan, as well as a number assigned from number management.

Toll-Free Products  These product types require a number assigned from toll-free number management as well as a usage plan.

Auth Code Products  These product types capture an auth code group (a list of codes to match) and a usage plan assignment to rate related usage.

Trunk Products  These product types hold any type of identification from a usage record and are used for both trunk and non-trunk services, i.e., data, storage, or conference usage. Virtually any unique ID can be mapped to related usage records.

IP Access Products  These product types capture IP Address data in free form related to a service.

General Products – These product types are a catch-all for any products you sell that don’t have related usage. For example, hardware or labor.

Add-On Products  These product types are used when products should only exist as a child of another product.

Quickly configure your unique mix of products, such as voice, data, IoT, fax pages, user seats, and more!
For help building products in TimelyBill, please reach out to our support team via a ticket request ↗️. Not yet using TimelyBill? Contact us for a quick conversation ↗️ to discuss your billing and CRM needs.

This is part of a series of "Timely Tips" articles that highlight some of the more advanced features of our billing software. Be sure to check back regularly to learn how you can take advantage of our sophisticated SaaS toolkit.

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