Updated Multi-Level Agent / Partner Portal

New Version of Our "Best in Class" Partner Portal: 

TimelyBill's multi-level agent/partner web portal has gotten even better. The latest release includes great new features, including a fully mobile-optimized interface!

Multi-level channel partner management
Our cloud billing platform supports multi-level channel partner management 

Simplify Your Channel Management!

Our updated portal lets agents view their commissions, disbursements, compensation, etc. Our portal is a powerful tool designed to streamline partner and commission management. Here are some new feature highlights.

Partner portal grid view UI
Easily Switch Views Between Agent, Sub-Agent, and End Users

Our portal redesign has a new interactive multi-level partner drop-down that dynamically updates the screens. This gives partners complete visibility of their sub-agent and the end customer's accounts below them.

Partner portal tree view UI
Customize How Your Data is Displayed

Another new feature is displaying custom data to better fit your organization. For example, you could change a column name from "NRC" to "One-Time" if that makes more sense to your agents.

We also allow users to customize column displays, sort and group data, and export to CSV, PDF, or XLSX files.

Track Your Commissions with Greater Accuracy and Transparency

Our agent portal screens give channel partners a 360-degree view of their partner data, all in one place.

SUMMARY SCREEN: The account summary is an overview page that can be viewed by an agent, sub-agent, or an "end customer."

Mobile-friendly channel partner portal for telecom
    Agent / Sub-Agent View (Commission Summary)
  • Customer Count
  • Active Service / Recurring Amount
  • Pending Service / Recurring Amount
  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Payment
  • YTD Revenue and Compensation
    End Customer View (Account Summary)
  • Account # and Account Name
  • Current Balance Due with Due Date
  • Last Payment Amount and Date
  • Payment History
  • Pending Usage
  • Overall Invoice Charges

COMPENSATION HISTORY SCREEN: The compensation history page can be viewed as an agent or sub-agent. The presentation of compensation data can be customized based on organizational needs.

  • Compensations Status with Date Paid
  • Invoice ID, Date, and Total
  • Comp Basis and Amount

DISBURSEMENT HISTORY SCREEN: The disbursement history page can be viewed as an agent or sub-agent. The presentation of disbursement data can be customized based on organizational needs.

  • Disbursement ID and Description
  • Agent ID
  • Reference and Comments
  • Disbursement Date and Amount

USER MANAGEMENT SCREEN: The user management page can be viewed as an agent or sub-agent.

  • Set individual login permissions per portal user.

VIEW SERVICES SCREEN: The services page lists all services associated with an account. It can be viewed as an "end customer."

  • Service ID 
  • Product Name and Status
  • Bill Cycle
  • Periodic and One-Time Charges
  • Start Date and Term Date
  • Phone Number
  • Service Address / Invoice Group
  • Comments

PAYMENT HISTORY SCREEN: The payment history page allows agents to view their end customers' payments.

  • Payment ID, Payment Method, Amount, and Date
  • Reference

INVOICE HISTORY SCREENThe invoice history page lets agents view their end customer's invoices.

  • Invoice ID, Invoice Method, Total, and Date
  • Recurring Charges, One-Time Charges, and Usage Charges
  • Late Fees
  • Due Date and Balance Forward 
  • PDF Download

USAGE REPORTS SCREEN: The usage reports page lets agents view their end customer's usage data and search by date.

  • Usage Record ID and Type
  • From and To Phone Numbers
  • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) 
  • Date/Time
  • Invoice ID
  • Minutes and Cost
  • Area and Region

TICKET SSCREEN: The support ticket page lets agents view their end customer's ticket history and create tickets.

  • Ticket ID, Subject, and Status
  • Category / Subcategory / Priority
  • Reported Date and Last Modified Date

TimelyBill enables service providers to manage sales performance and commission plans with our built-in channel management tools. You can create a hierarchy of agents and partners with one-time payouts, residuals, and chargebacks.

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