Spotlight: Data Portability

No billing software vendor lock-in
We enable you to quickly pull data from our billing system with just a few clicks.

Liberate Your Data

TimelyBill makes it easy for you to get your data out of our system and take it wherever you please.

Methods to Extract Data

We offer standardized formats and protocols for you to gather and export data out of our system.

  1. Use our ad-hoc tool to generate custom reports and export the data to PDF, DOCX, XLS or CSV.
    • For example, all trouble management or ticketing information.
  2. Use our data grids ↗️ to customize a view and download the data via PDF, DOCX, XLS or CSV.
    • For example, product catalog or service data.
  3. Submit a support ticket for us to extract your data and push it to a secure FTP location.

Data Portability Reduces Vendor Lock-in

Vendor lock-in is a situation where you depend (get locked in) on a single SaaS provider.  You also can't easily move to a different vendor without incurring costs or data migration blocking issues.

Security Limitations

As an SSAE (SOC 1) Type II certified company, TimelyBill provides world-class data security protection.  Although we allow organizations to pull data out of TimelyBill, we DO NOT allow sensitive information, such as credit card info, to be extracted.

Bottom Line

We believe customers should have the flexibility to access their data in a standardized format whenever needed.

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