Feature Spotlight: Invoice Review Reports

Accurate invoices means better billing

TimelyBill has a library of reports that help service providers review their invoice runs.

Here are a few useful reports that are available to our customers "out-of-the-box":
  1. Invoice by Invoice Date -
    This provides the invoice totals for Previous Balance, Payments, Adjustments, RC, NRC, Calls Taxes and Late Fees.
  2. Invoice Data (New Customers Report) -
    This provides a list of customers that are invoiced for the first time and their totals.
  3. Invoice Comparison Reports (All, RC, NRC, Calls, Taxes) -
    These provide a comparison from the current invoice to the last invoice. Note, these can also be used for future invoice generations.
  4. Sub-Invoice Data -
    These reports provide the sub invoice service detail.  These will show the service detail for a specific invoice.
Note, TimelyBill presents financial and invoice data both globally, and on individual customer accounts.

Learn how our powerful reporting engine makes telecom billing better.

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