Managing Customers Using TimelyBill's CRM

TimelyBill's powerful customer view provides visibility and links to all aspects of the customer account.

CRM for Telecom
Managing telecom customer accounts can be a challenge. TimelyBill takes a user-centered approach to customer management. Our CRM screens are designed to help users quickly find what they need. Our CRM allows telecoms to improve operational efficiencies and improve their end-customer experience.

Our primary CRM page is organized so users can quickly navigate using tabs and sub-tabs. The data is displayed in informational panels and searchable data grids to give users a full view of a customer's account.

Here is a complete list of our CRM features found on the Manage Customer page:

Quick Search enables users to perform customer searches using various criteria such as partial names, phone numbers, ESN (Electronic Serial Number), and more.

The Customer Tab is the main section in our CRM that provides an overview of customer information. It allows users to access key details and navigate to related sections efficiently.

  • The Advanced Panel has payment configurations and custom attributes that can accommodate unique or custom data requirements.
  • The Locations Panel stores and organizes information about customer locations, making it easy to manage and track multiple addresses.
  • The Contacts Panel keeps a record of customer contact details, facilitating communication and customer engagement.
  • Invoice Groups Panel enables users to group invoices based on predefined criteria, helping with the organization and management of billing processes.
  • The Payment Methods Panel enables users to specify and manage different payment methods accepted by customers, streamlining payment processing.
  • The Portal Users Panel is where you manage user access to our web portal, ensuring secure and controlled access to CRM features.
The Summary Tab is another main section that offers a summarized view of customer account information, providing a quick snapshot of key data. A key feature of this tab is hyperlinks or shortcuts to frequently accessed features or pages within the CRM for enhanced productivity.
  • The Dashboard provides a customizable dashboard with widgets and data visualizations, giving users an at-a-glance overview of important metrics.
  • Balance/Aging Panel displays customer account balances and aging information, helping users track outstanding payments.
  • The "Invoice Now" Button allows users to generate invoices instantly when needed, improving billing efficiency.
  • Activity Panel tracks and displays customer account activity, providing insights into usage and interactions.
  • Service Panel shows pending usage or unbilled usage that has yet to be invoiced, ensuring billing accuracy and completeness.
  • Notes record notes and comments specific to customer accounts, aiding customer management and communication.
  • File Manager Panels provides a file management feature for uploading and downloading documents and files related to customer accounts as well as global files.
The Services Tab is where you manage customer services, including assigning services, creating new ones, or terminating.
  • Assigned Services Data Grid lists the services assigned to each customer, allowing for easy service tracking.
  • Auth Code Groups Data Grid can organize authentication code groups for secure access to services.
  • Create New Services Panels allows users to create and configure new services to offer to customers.
  • Service Summary Panels provide an overview or summary of the services associated with a customer account.
  • The Contract Rates Panels is where you store and manage contract rates for recurring and non-recurring services.
The Invoices Tab provides access to invoice-related features, including viewing and managing invoice history.
  • The Invoice History Data Grid allows users to review past invoices and their details.
The Payments Tab manages customer payments, including adding charges and viewing payment history.
  • Add Payment Panels enable users to record new payments made by customers.
  • Payments History Data Grid is a view of all payments received from customers.
  • Card History Data Panel shows all credit card payments made by customers.
  • ACH History Data Grid contains payments made via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

The Adjustment Tab has a data grid listing adjustments to customer accounts, including viewing adjustment history and making adjustments.

The Financial Tab is where users manage financial data related to customer accounts, including financial history.

The Tickets Tab shows a data grid that handles customer support tickets, including viewing ticket history, editing tickets, and adding new ones.

The Packages Tab is where all workflow-related items are managed and displayed.

The Usage Tab displays a data grid with all customer usage data, including viewing usage history and details.

The Orders Tab displays a data grid that allows users to manage customer orders, including viewing order history, editing orders, and adding new ones.

The Quotes Tab is where you manage customer quotes, including viewing quote history, editing quotes, and creating new ones.

This list of CRM features is continuously growing to fit the needs of our customers. We'd be happy to demo TimelyBill's telco CRM and walk you through our quote-to-cash process.

Call (954) 889-6699 or click to schedule a demo!

*Note: All of the data grids in TimelyBill allow users (with proper permissions) to export data as DOCX, PDF, XLS, and CSV file formats.

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