Spotlight: Telecom Product Bundling & Billing

Bundled telecom services feature
Bundled Telco Offerings

Many communications service providers bundle more than one product into a single group and sell them as a complete package. Our billing system supports bundling various types of products together as a package. For example, a product catalog could include wireline, VoIP, cable, IPTV, satellite, IoT, or any other service.

Mixed or Blended Bundles

Bundling enables service providers to allocate fixed costs across a range of services and can have beneficial effects, such as the convenience of unified billing, new possibilities for innovation, and discounts for consumers and businesses.

Discounted Quotes

Packaged bundles allow a product to be offered to a customer at a reduced price. Each package can consist of any number of products, and these products can be taken from more than one product category.

Auto Bundled Orders

This feature automatically adds a hierarchy of products when one is sold. For example, when an Internet service is sold, it can automatically include a monthly data package as well as a device fee (i.e., modem or router).

Workflow and Provisioning

At the time of sale, bundled telecom services can be connected to our powerful workflow tool to help you fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.  For example, TimelyBill can trigger emails and initiate REST API provisioning commands to help facilitate service delivery.

Unified Bill Presentment

When it's time to bill the customer, our flexible invoice generator allows you to combine any or all services on a single template-driven invoice. Invoices can be mailed, emailed, or shared via our customer portal. This single unified bill leads to a better customer experience.

Bundling Can Boost Sales

Bundling allows the customer to look at a single source that offers several solutions. An effective product bundling strategy can significantly increase profits and sales over time. Selling bundled products encourages customers to spend more and make informed business decisions based on their preferences and needs.

Learn More

Our customized TimelyBill demo will walk you through a typical Q2C process.  The quoting and ordering portions of the demo help showcase our flexible product bundling capabilities.

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