Streamline Your Billing Migration

Making the Switch to a New Telecom Billing System Doesn't Need to be Painful

Today's communications service providers are looking to improve the customer experience in an effort to grow revenues. However, many CSPs are struggling with antiquated billing systems. These complex and disparate software systems can be expensive to operate. They often lack the flexibility required to handle modern product and service offerings.

Keep your billing migration on track
We help keep your billing migration on the right track.
Although a desire to replace these old systems exists, telecoms are reluctant to tackle such migration projects due to the scale, effort and resource dedication required.

TimelyBill has addressed these concerns by utilizing a time-proven implementation process to streamline billing data migration.

Note, these migration phases are intended to be combined efforts to ensure success (aka "Happy Path").

Implementation your new billing SaaS – Phases:
  • Phase 1 – Data Collection
  • Phase 2 – Data Conversion / System Configuration
  • Phase 3 – Admin Turnover
  • Phase 4 – User Training
  • Phase 5 – Go Live
TimelyBill utilizes a time-proven implementation process to streamline billing data migration.
While our billing implementation process is "tried and true", it's important to stress that it requires a logical stepped progression to ensure a successful launch. This facilitates efficient system turn-up, resulting in accurate invoice generation and improved customer care.

TimelyBill's extensive feature set is deployed in a controlled and methodical manner. This helps avoid operational hurdles as well as minimizes impact on the customer experience.

Key system components include:
  • Product Catalog / Bundling
  • Quoting Tool
  • Order Management
  • Rating / Invoicing
  • Integrated Tax Engine
  • Adhoc Reporting
  • Trouble Management
  • Provisioning
  • Dunning / Collections
  • Partner Management
  • Customer Portal & Agent Portal
  • Commissioning
  • ACH / Credit Card
  • Data Alarms
Contact us to learn more about TimelyBill, and how our experienced team can help you modernize your telecom billing platform. Visit our website for more details regarding implementation ↗️ and data conversion ↗️.

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