Spotlight: Bulk Email Invoices

TimelyBill allows you to manually trigger the bulk emailing of customer invoices.

Bulk email customer invoices on-demand

Send Bulk Invoice Emails to Multiple Clients

Everyone knows you can't make money if you can't deliver the bill!  Sending out customer invoices from TimelyBill is now easier than ever.  Our software allows you to email invoices with the click of a button.

Steps to transmit your bills via email:

  1. Navigate to the Financial tab, and select Invoice History.
  2. Sort and filter the customer's invoice data as needed.
    • Messages can be sent in bulk to ALL customers or to a filtered SEGMENT.
  3. Click the "Email Invoice" button, which will initiate the batch email process.
  4. Generated emails are template-driven and have the customer's invoice attached as a PDF.
  5. When complete, the "Emailed" column status flag(s) will be flipped to Y (YES).

Note our single-click email feature makes the billing process more streamlined.  However, it is very important that invoices are reviewed before they are sent.

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