Subscriber Billing for Channel Partners

TimelyBill Enables Partners and Resellers to Bill for Subscription-based Services.

Many companies are looking to reduce capital expenditures and move their spending to operating expenditures (OPEX). At the same time, many telecommunications companies are transitioning their offerings to a subscription-based model.

Unified communications technology is moving to the cloud, opening up opportunities for the buying and selling of telecom services via subscription fees. Subscriptions enable customers to access new technology without having to pay upfront, freeing up cash for other initiatives that can help them increase revenue.

Benefits of the Subscription Model

Buying communications products and services via subscription allows companies to reduce the number of assets on their balance sheet. It also helps channel partners simplify how they connect customers with products and ultimately increase profits.

A monthly subscription reduces upfront technology costs and enables predictable budgeting. Customers can combine different models to build the communications and collaboration solution that best suits their business and financial needs.

With a subscription model, customers are not locked into fixed services and can adjust them as their business changes. Customers can also forecast future cash flows and budgets.

Subscriptions generate revenue, strengthen customer relationships and give VARs better data on what sells.

Selling via Subscriptions

Many technology resellers are realizing that the subscription model helps them build long-term and profitable relationships with clients. With this new sales model, channel partners must figure out how to automate subscriber billing.

Some unique challenges include:
  • Defining complex pricing plans (monthly, quarterly, per call, per seat, data usage, etc.)
  • Bundling multiple products and services.
  • Producing invoices for recurring costs, fees, and taxes.
  • Tracking of multi-level commissions.
  • Creating timely quotes and orders.
  • Provisioning and deploying services quickly.
  • Fluctuations in usage can be difficult to predict and charge for.
  • Handling customer inquiries and complaints about billing issues is essential for customer satisfaction.
  • The regulatory environment for telecom billing can be complex, requiring telecom service providers to stay up-to-date and ensure compliance.

Our Customer Management and Billing Solution

Subscriber billing requires a channel partner to produce invoices with recurring charges until the subscriber cancels or the subscription expires. As a true subscriber billing solution, TimelyBill provides channel partners with the following tools to create a great customer experience:

Unified Product Catalog

    • Easily change product pricing globally as well as per customer.
    • Handle discounts and promotional price levels.
    • Make adds, edits, or deletes to a customer's subscription plan.

Customer Communications

    • Send out billing and invoice notifications.
    • Notify customers about upcoming credit card expirations.
    • Trigger dunning and collections for failed payments or outstanding account balances.

Tracking Usage or Consumption

    • Measure and rate usage generated by customers.
    • Calculate and apply taxes.
    • Charge customers based on usage and pricing plan.

Customer Self-Care Tools

    • Enable customers to view and pay invoices.
    • Enable customers to update payment methods.
    • Enable customers to open support or help tickets.

Financial Management Tools

    • Process credit card payments and retry declined transactions.
    • Calculate proration and track AR aging.
    • Full reporting and business intelligence tools.

Whether we like it or not, the subscription economy is here! The telecom channel landscape is shifting, and companies are moving toward subscription-based buying and selling.

TimelyBill was purpose-built for subscription-based billing ↗️. We can help VARs sell via subscriptions by enabling consistent cash flow, strengthening customer relationships, and increasing their lifetime value.

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