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TimelyBill Features Release 2022
A significant number of features have been added since the last "General Availability" version of TimelyBill was released. If you have upgraded to an interim version of TimelyBill in the past year, then you might already have some of these features. If not, then everything on this list may be new to your organization.

Infrastructure Changes: This package has some feature changes that are related to infrastructure. One change is a shift from storing session data in the database instead of in memory. This enables you to take future upgrades into production without the system logging out all users. We'll also be able to configure high-availability sites to allow your workers and customers access to the system even during server maintenance. Another change allows invoice files to be stored in a clustered volume. This indirectly improves performance for larger implementations.

Upgrades to STAGE: The upgrade of your stage system should not be a notable effort for our team.

Upgrades to PRODUCTION: We realize customers have varying versions of TimelyBill software and infrastructure. Depending on your current production environment, some updates could take a bit more effort on our part than others. When you are ready to take the current package into production, simply submit a ticket for "TimelyBillWeb20220621". After the upgrade request is submitted, we'll do our best to schedule it as soon as possible.

Redesigned Workflow Tools: This version of TimelyBill includes a robust Workflow Packages component, along with the integration of Workflow Rules and REST Actions. If you are not currently using Workflow, we suggest taking a look! After evaluating, if you are unsure how to integrate it into your processes, please let us know. Note, customers using older automated provisioning configurations may want to consider porting them to the new Workflow feature.

More New Features are Coming Soon: We are always looking for new feature suggestions! There are a handful of new features in the queue right now, including inventory management from the product catalog, but we will be ready to schedule the next batch of customer-requested features next month.


  • Added Contact Tag token search capability to Contact Search and Customer Manage Contact pages.
  • Added Customer Tag token search capability to Customer Search and Lead Search pages.
  • Added support for triggering a workflow rule configuration when accessing the Make CC/ACH payment page and triggering another Workflow rule after leaving the page. This feature allows disabling and re-enabling call recording or IVR-related features while capturing PCI information.
  • Added custom (user-defined) field support to Invoice Groups.
  • The initial version of Lead Management. Although leads and customers have the same records with different statuses, there are now two distinctly different management pages.
  • TBFileImporter is now capable of importing binary files.
  • Dedicated NACHA file exporter capable of creating credits based on custom checkboxes.
  • The Workflow designer now supports launching another workflow package as a task (view).
  • New vPortalUser view.


  • The email queue page shows failed email sends and allows for the resending of an email in the queue.
  • Added folder and default file management configuration page for Quoting.
  • The manage Workflow task page changed to show the Queue worker's first and last name in the Queue Worker selection.
  • Manage Ticket; minor performance improvements, Trouble Categories, Queues, Statuses, and Priorities loaded in configurable Display Order. Manually created tickets will set configured fixed assignments on the page.
  • Manage Order; Added support for ignoring auto-provision or workflow packages during Create Services. The workflow icon now supports replacement workflow packages (the initial package was terminated, and the new package related to the ordered item).
  • Added support to configure International taxation and taxable country flags at an instance level, which will default on the Bill Now page.
  • Adding adjustments now uses default configurations to apply international taxes to adjustments when configured and appropriately selected.
  • Added support for creating the latest version of payment methods when adding new ACH/CC payments. Combined ACH and CC payments to the same tab.
  • Added support for automatically calculating convenience fees, which can be recorded as an adjustment or service record.
  • The New Services page (expected to be deprecated in the future) will now allow adding services that will queue pending workflow packages if configured on the related products.
  • The search Bandwidth page now allows a blank selection on the Number Category.
  • NACHAExporter - Names remove non-ASCII characters.
  • TBBAFAPI - Added AMADNS format flag to support AMADNS records in BAF files.
  • Modified TBCommissionProcessor to allow more than one one-time commission to be calculated for the same service when multiple valid rules exist.
  • TBDunningGenerator - Write ModifiedID and ModifiedDate when setting account status to Write-off or Collections.
  • TBFileImporter - For NACHA format files, the NACHA date field was changed to position 64.
  • Payment Notice Configuration now supports adding additional criteria.
  • Credit card transaction processor strips all characters, not a-z or space.
  • TBRules-Added variable replacement for custom field labels and vEmployeeUser object.
  • Ticketing- Added support for creating a ticket with a closed status and triggering closed actions. Remove base tags from inbound emails to avoid issues presenting note HTML in the TimelyBill GUI.
  • Added Fulfillment and RMA details to the Order Management page.
  • Non-numeric characters are automatically stripped from credit card or bank account numbers on add.
  • Auto-Payment Method selector will update its contents automatically when changes are made to payment methods.
  • Customer ACH History displays the last 4 digits of the account number.
  • ACH one-time payments will now create a payment method automatically and allow for persisting savings and checking indicators.
  • Changed multiple pages from using session state for storing large data. (Payment Notifications, Manage Workflow Package, Aging History, Manage Ticket, Ticket Inbound Email Config).
  • Removed custom field from API calls for CyberSource credit card refunds.
  • TBDunning generator now uses similar logic to the Aging History page, which adapts to conditions on imported records that would not be possible for records generated in TimelyBill.
  • Additional validation changes to manage payment methods and address is required.
  • TBAutoPayment - Changed retry logic to only look at failure transactions that are EmployeeID=0 to avoid processing off of a manual payment.
  • Override default Microsoft validation to allow tags on the manage rest actions page.
  • Added the Last digits of the card to the customer credit card history page.
  • Added /org parameter to TBFileImporter options, which will stamp the vFileImporter log records with an organization ID to make them visible to non-admins in Adhoc. (view, table).
  • Performance improvement in the system log. (table)
  • Added multiple "empty value" options to Manage Customer drop-down selections.
  • Changed workflow package item API status to an enumeration.
  • TBInvoicingCore will reset the last service ID counter to 0 after service processing is complete. This will cause invoice-level tax failures to appear with S:0 instead of the last service processed.
  • TBInvoicing - Adjusted exit codes to improve task management.
  • TBTaxes - Modified CSI tax calls to force CA postal codes to upper case and insert space after the 3 digits when missing to avoid unpredictable tax returns.
  • Minor performance impacts; Address Search, Log Search, Contact Search, Customer Search, Lead Search, Order Search, Customer Order Search, Quote Search, Customer Quote Search, Ticket Search, Customer Ticket Search, Inbound Ticket Email Search, Usage Search, and Workflow Search pages.


  • Corrected issue with products designated as "Manual Provision" from activating on the scheduled start date.
  • Corrected identifier causing problems tokenizing IPPay ACH accounts.
  • Corrected an issue with managing legacy provisioning plan commands.
  • Workflow package status will be set to Terminate whenever a workflow task is terminated.
  • TBDunningGenerator - Corrected the issue with a rule that has both an email notification and HTML file generation.
  • Moved certain data elements from ViewState to session data to avoid time-out issues with combinations of larger data sources.
  • Fixed the Manage Fulfillment page where customer ID and name would appear incorrect for fulfillment records related to service records.
  • Manage Workflow Queue Workers will display employees with their organization or assigned organization match to the Queue record. Also, deleted employee records will no longer display on the Queues they were assigned to.
  • Modified Workflow Email Configuration page (file upload capability) to support a change from a memory-based session state to a database session state.
  • Manage Order - Fixed issue with uppercase setting overridden on Order Templates.
  • Modify Service Status page will allow forcing a manual provision service to active.
  • Fixed bug related to sending Workflow queue emails to workflow queue worker.
  • Added Missing 911 Count field. Corrected Price Level renew-at option to Current Rate. Custom field assignments no longer display deleted options.

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