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OSS / BSS Software for Telecom Service Providers
TimelyBill offers a single stack OSS / BSS on a cost-effective cloud model for both traditional telecoms and wireless ↗️, VoIP, Broadband, and IoT service providers.

But… what’s the difference between OSS and BSS, and what does it mean for you?

What is OSS?

OSS, or Operations Support Systems, are back-end components that manage administrative duties. OSS typically includes service assurance, customer care, network inventory, network management systems, service delivery, activation, and provisioning. TimelyBill data alarms are an example of an OSS component. Data alarms monitor our database for specific criteria, enabling fraud screening, email notifications, and automated workflow steps. We also enable true flow-through provisioning to external devices and platforms.

What is BSS?

BSS, or Business Support Systems, are front-end components that manage the customer-facing duties of a company. BSS handles product, revenue, order, and customer management. For example, TimelyBill can handle the quote-to-order process, customer billing, payments, and everything in between.

OSS / BSS as a Combined Solution

TimelyBill was designed to manage both front and back-office processes. Our OSS/BSS is capable of replacing multiple disparate systems such as CRM, help desk, reporting, commissioning systems, and more.

View our "universe of features" to see what's included with our platform.

Enabling a Digital Transformation

Our extensible architecture provides the ultimate flexibility for expansion. Organizations can seamlessly integrate new functionality via RESTful API. The TimelyBill "REST Actions" configurator enables you to adapt as your business needs evolve. Using this feature, service providers can add to our base functionality without requiring custom code.

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