TimelyBill Universe of Features

TimelyBill Software Feature Map

Illustration of TimelyBill's core billing software features and key integrations.

TimelyBill OSS universe of features and integrations
A visualization of our software features orbiting around the core platform.

The TimelyBill billing platform includes many components, all carefully designed to operate within a single "universe."  This integrated approach allows telecom companies to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and gain greater control of their data.

At the center of this illustration lies the core TimelyBill platform. It forms the foundation of our software, embodying reliability and functionality developed through careful engineering and years of telecom expertise.

Surrounding this core are layered features resembling harmonious celestial bodies. Each layer signifies distinct aspects of our software's capabilities, representing modules, functions, or services that enhance the overall experience. Just as planets orbit the sun, these features encircle the TimelyBill core, seamlessly integrated to offer a comprehensive billing solution.


The inner orbit holds the core components of the TimelyBill platform.

  • Billing & Invoicing - The core of our subscription billing/charging system
  • Leads & Quoting - Prospecting and estimate creation tools.
  • CRM - Customer relationship/account management.
  • Payments - Authorize, CyberSource, IPpay, PayPal, Worldpay payment processing.
  • Product Catalog - Stores all of the products/services you sell.
  • Usage Rating - Calculates fees based on CDRs and other usage data.


The low orbit includes powerful additional features layered on top of our core offering.

  • Number Management - Integrated phone number inventories.
  • Agent & Partner Portals - Website for your resellers to view commissions.
  • Order Management - Convert quotes to billable services.
  • REST Actions - Trigger connections and data exchange with external APIs.
  • Ticketing - Help desk and support tickets.
  • Address Validation - Validate addresses and GeoCode using USPS lookups.


Central orbit is comprised of key elements that interact with all of the TimelyBill layers.
  • Collections - Blocked from new service creation.
  • Inventory Tracking - Manage assets via serial number, ESN, Circuit ID, etc.
  • Workflow - Visual design tool for complex workflow automation.
  • User Groups (Access Permissions) - Define who can access the system.
  • Reporting - Adhoc and canned report engines.
  • Messaging - Send emails and SMS notifications.


High orbit has a few differentiators that our competitors do not or cannot offer.

  • Multi-Org - Operate more than one company (multi-tenant) from within our platform.
  • Commissioning - Manage partners, distributors, and agent commission plans.
  • Tax Engines - Calculate taxes and fees using CereTax, Compliance Solutions, or Avalara.
  • Promo Codes - Coupons and other pricing discounts.
  • Bandwidth - External phone number inventories and ordering.
  • Data Alarms - Monitor our database to trigger emails or tickets.


The outer orbit contains ancillary modules to round out the universe of TimelyBill features.

  • Electronic Signatures - Use DocuSign on quotes and other docs stored within our software.
  • Fraud Detection - Monitor credit card activity, call volumes, and credit limits.
  • Custom Development - E-commerce websites and other non-standard dev work.
  • Support - Access our US-based support team via phone, email, or MS Teams.
  • Shipping - Real-time connectivity to the major shipping providers.
  • Dunning - Notifications to customers regarding late payments.
  • APIs & External Hooks - 3rd party related integrations.
  • Print & Mail - Our internal print invoice processing services.

This illustration showcases innovation, technology, and teamwork, depicting the TimelyBill platform as a central celestial body. Around it, powerful features are in orbit, creating a harmonious universe of functionality and user experience.

Originally published in Sept. 2018, updated Sept. 2023.


Note: The following link will redirect to our corporate website, where you will find detailed information about each of the various components: https://timelybill.com/timelybill-service-provider-software.html

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