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Order Management for Communications Service Providers

TimelyBill's telecom order orchestration automates and streamlines order processing for communications service providers. This component facilitates order-to-cash processing by eliminating bottlenecks, redundancies, and errors.

New TimelyBill Features Released

New Feature Highlights from TimelyBill's March 2019 Release. As part of our continuous effort to make the best telecom billing platform on the market, we have just launched a major release.  TimelyBill software enhancements include: Usability Updates Modernized interface now adapts to multiple device widths (i.e., phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Upgraded more than fifty data search page grids: New touch-friendly sorting, column selection, and filters. New query builder for complex grid filtering. Quote Module Updates Templates now support secondary addresses, allowing the display of A and Z locations. Tax calculations can be selectively enabled or disabled. Ticketing  Updates The inbound email processor automatically adds CC email addresses to the ticket replies. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Updates Organization ID is now visible in the customer account status bar. Workflow Module  Updates Workflow rules engine supports email addres

Spotlight: Invoice Review Reports

TimelyBill has a library of reports that help service providers review their invoice runs. Here are a few useful reports that are available to our customers "out-of-the-box":

Attract More Resellers and Accelerate Growth

TimelyBill's robust OSS provides everything telecom companies need to enable and support white-label partnerships. TimelyBill provides communications service providers with a powerful tool to help manage their successful reseller partner network through a cloud-based, white-label billing solution. TimelyBill allows multiple organizations (multi-tenants) to be configured and operated independently in one software instance.  Our platform gives telecom reseller partners a solution to use in the day-to-day operation of their businesses, making them more efficient and profitable. White Labeled Partner Portals TimelyBill provides dedicated applications and public IP addresses and uses your SSL certificates. Your partners can view their commissions without being redirected to an unknown or shared website. Custom branded "look and feel." Multi-tenant ready Built-in reporting Quoting capability View compensation and disbursement history View invoice and payment history

TimelyBill Integrates with DocuSign

TimelyBill Integrates with DocuSign to Help Telecommunications Companies Go Digital Integration with DocuSign eSignature TimelyBill® announced today it has integrated with DocuSign to help telecommunications customers transform their business by going fully digital. As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature, DocuSign is changing how business gets done by empowering anyone to transact anytime, anywhere, on any device – 100% digitally – with trust and confidence. TimelyBills integration with DocuSign will enable communication service providers to streamline the quote-to-cash process. “We’re proud to partner with DocuSign as their secure, cloud-based platform is trusted by companies and consumers around the world,” says Patrick LaJuett, CMO at Bill Perfect, Inc. “TimelyBill enables telecom companies to quickly create unique customer quotes. By integrating DocuSign, these quotes can now be emailed, signed and stored electronically. This creates

Geocoding Addresses in Telecom

Screen capture of the TimelyBill address validation form. What is geocoding? Geocoding transforms a postal address into a spatial location on the Earth's surface. The resulting locations are output as numerical coordinates with attributes, which can be used for mapping or spatial analysis. High-quality geocoding uses addresses that are validated and standardized to ensure accuracy. It assigns latitude/longitude coordinates to addresses, making it easy for telcos to integrate location information with other business data. Why implement geocoding? Geocodes provide an ideal way for telecommunications companies to quickly inform important spatial decisions by enabling decision-makers to visualize results. Locations must be accurate so that telecoms can determine what services are available to a given house or busine

Convert Incoming Emails into Tickets

Automatic Inbound Email Tickets Do you currently receive support requests via an email address such as TimelyBill can convert incoming emails from customers into uniquely identifiable tickets and route them directly into our operations support system. Learn more at:

Integrated Bandwidth Phone Number Search & Ordering

Bandwidth Number Search Now Integrated within the TimelyBill User Interface TimelyBill OSS now provides direct integration to Bandwidth number ordering. This enables telecom companies to search for new local and toll-free phone numbers, and order them all directly from our GUI . Real-time Bandwidth number search/order includes: Number filtering by Area Code Number filtering by City or State Number filtering by Zipcode Pattern searches (i.e., 1234, abcd) Real-time location validation Bulk number selection Automatically linked to customer's account Multi-org capable TimelyBill's integrated Bandwidth phone number search and order screen.

We're Now a BroadSoft Solutions Partner

We're pleased to announce that TimelyBill is now a BroadSoft OSS/BSS Solutions Partner. Did you know TimelyBill has full provisioning integration with the BroadSoft platform? Our unique provisioning system design, combined with the tight integration of our product catalog, provides “true” flow through provisioning to the BroadSoft platform. You can build provisioning plans containing the information necessary to execute up to 10 different provision methods (i.e., activate, suspend, and resume).  Each method can contain an unlimited number of steps.  TimelyBill also has the ability to modify BroadSoft settings on a single or multiple-user basis. During a provisioning process, TimelyBill is able to populate variables from any service or customer. We also enable the linking of trouble ticket emails to every provisioning step. So, if a problem occurs during the automated provisioning process, notifications are sent immediately.

TimelyBill Offers Dedicated Portals

Out-of-the-box, TimelyBill provides dedicated applications, public IP addresses and uses your SSL certificates.  This means your agents and customers won’t be redirected to a “shared” website when accessing their online accounts. Benefits of Dedicated Portals: No confusing redirects Data and privacy protection Company branded Enhanced user experience Reliable and predictable performance Learn more about our agent and customer portals .

Quote to Cash Solution for Telecom

Easily Go From Quotes to Orders Using TimelyBill's OMS TimelyBill's telecom order management system  ↗️ spans the customer's intent to purchase a telecom service, all the way through realization of your revenue. TimelyBill makes the Q2C process seamless and easy! Our order management component was developed to execute orders in a streamlined manner. Beginning with the quote phase, our billing software allows users to track the progress of each order throughout the system. Service providers can "fill" orders for various types of products and services from within a single pane of glass. Visit our website to learn more about the typical steps which make up our seamless  quote-to-cash process  ↗️.

Agent Portal for Telecom Billing

TimelyBill's Agent Portal is a web-based self-care portal for telecom agent or channel partner environments.

TimelyBill® Introduces New Order Management Component

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Order Management provides TimelyBill users with direct access to order management from inside any customer account Huntersville, NC – Bill Perfect, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new integrated order management system , TB Order Management.  It will be available for demonstration on October 24, 2016 at the INCOMPAS Show in Dallas, Texas. TimelyBill's order management feature automates and streamlines order processing for telecom service providers.  Bill Perfect’s COO Todd Knower says, "order management facilitates order-to-cash processing by eliminating bottlenecks, redundancies and errors." The order management “template builder” utilizes drag-and-drop technology allowing the creation of custom data input screens.  These screens can be assigned to individual products, categories and types.  Benefits include faster sales flow, improved customer relations and smoother order processing. About Bill Perfect: Bill Perfect devel

IoT Billing & Invoicing Solutions by TimelyBill

Our billing engine can support your IoT and M2M billing, rating, and provisioning needs now and in the future! According to Statista, the global Internet of Things (IoT) market is projected to grow from $251 billion in 2022 to $621 billion by 2030. Our SaaS-based platform can help you monetize anything connected to the Internet: Built-in CRM and ticketing system for better customer management. Capability to bill and invoice for any recurring, usage-based, or one-time service. Provision of any external devices via REST with our visual workflow tool . TimelyBill gives you the tools to generate revenue from IoT devices, connectivity, usage, and bundled services. Visit our website to learn more about our Internet of Things billing system   ↗️.

Convergent Billing for CSPs

Today's communications service providers need flexible systems that can manage a variety of items via a unified product catalog. CSPs must be able to launch, sell, and scale solutions quickly. They also need to be able to manage promotions and create bundles to stay ahead of competitors. TimelyBill's convergent billing platform is a solution that enables unified management of all products and services.  It facilitates both sales and billing for all telecom services as well as product bundles, physical devices, accessories and third-party offerings. TimelyBill also integrates customer charges into a single unified invoice for all market segments — retail, wholesale, residential, corporate, prepaid, postpaid, voice and data. For more information visit the  unified product catalog  ↗️ page on our website.

Telecom Customer Web Portal

Our consumer-friendly web portal helps telecom companies redefine relationships with their customers. TimelyBill's self-care portal allows customer to: Optimized for mobile devices View account summary and history Views services information View and export call details (telecom usage) View dashboard style reports Open support tickets Make both credit card and ACH payments Learn more:

Protect Your Telecom Revenue

Related article: Feature Spotlight:  Revenue Protection for Telecoms Revenue leakage is a big issue for service providers because they cannot track how much service consumers are "using" versus how much they are permitted to use. TimelyBill's revenue protection system gives you the power to create business rules on customer aging information, account data, usage, and current balances to affect custom notifications: Trigger email reminders Create collection letters Auto-suspend services Change account statuses Learn more:  Real-time fraud screening and handling for CSPs   ↗️.

TimelyBill Data Alarms for Telecom Billing

Robust data alarms are a proactive and versatile toolset that help maintain operational excellence and security within a company. One of TimelyBill data alarms' most significant applications is fraud screening. In an era where digital transactions and interactions dominate business, fraudulent activity is a big problem. TimelyBill's data alarms monitor transactional data for irregular patterns or suspicious activities that could indicate fraudulent behavior.

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