Spotlight: Optimize Customer Bill Presentment

TimelyBill has configurable invoice presentation options for service providers. CSPs can hide products, display as taxes, and present them in multiple languages.

Telecom Invoice Management

Complete Telecom Invoice Management TimelyBill takes a unique template-based approach to allow telecom companies to present different invoices to their customer base.  For example, invoices sent to business customers may include more detailed call record information.  But invoices sent to residential customers are simpler and include summaries of charges only. Telecom Invoice Branding and Marketing Features TimelyBill invoices are professionally designed and can include: Custom logo and colors Dynamic messages Translated languages Page inserts for marketing or instructional purposes TimelyBill allows service providers to define, manage, and generate an unlimited amount of invoice styles. Telecom Invoice Customer Features Invoices can include a range of customer account and services information: Customer PIN codes "How to" read the bill instructions Customer payments Account adjustments Tax amounts Total charges summary Display RC and NRC charges separately Usage summaries Usa

TimelyBill vs Other Billing Platforms

How Do We Compare to Other Telecom Billing Systems? We're often asked what differentiates TimelyBill from other billing software vendors.  I'll attempt to keep this as concise and "non-sales-y" as possible!  Here's what we see as our biggest advantages.

TimelyBill Expands to New Data Center in Las Vegas

TimelyBill Continues Expansion with New Data Center Option in Las Vegas TimelyBill today announced a new data center option on the West Coast of the United States, in Las Vegas, to meet the growing demand for the TimelyBill OSS platform. The additional hosting location prepares TimelyBill for the next phase of growth.

Telecom Provisioning Automation

Order to Activate in Telecom TimelyBill OSS automates  telecom provisioning   ↗️  to a variety of devices. A typical provisioning process starts with a new order.  The order then triggers a sequence of workflow steps and ultimately ends with an activated service.

Cancel and Rebill an Invoice in TimelyBill

Regenerate customer invoices with the click of a button Let's face it, producing a telecom invoice can be complicated. Even with careful data entry, there are scenarios where invoices are missing data, or have other issues.  While auditing helps identify invoices that contain the wrong information, correcting them can be more of a challenge.   TimelyBill has developed a simple process for users to quickly fix and regenerate invoices. This feature helps protect your revenue and prevent customer churn! THE UN-BILLING & REINVOICING PROCESS It begins with the removal or purging of the invoice, followed up by correcting any billing errors, and then is completed by generating the new invoice. STEP 1 - CANCEL OR UN-BILL THE INVOICES Users with the proper permissions can purge a single invoice or multiple invoices (if the IDs are in sequential order). Using TimelyBill's admin screen, users specify the invoice range to be unbilled (i.e., from Invoice #1000 to Invoice #1100). The unb

Billing Reports for Telecom

TimelyBill's robust reporting tools help CSPs drive business growth, identify potential problems, and improve overall customer experience. TimelyBill has two different reporting methods to help communications service providers analyze data. These reporting methods provide historical, current, and predictive views of telecom-based business operations. Custom / Ad Hoc Reports: These reports and dashboards can be created on the fly via Izenda's embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics Platform. Empower users to decide when and how they access their data. Provide charts, graphs, and visualizations that will delight your users and bring their data to life. Enable users to configure, customize, and share dashboards and reports in real-time at the speed of your business. Standard / Canned Reports: These reports are provided out-of-the-box via a library of pre-built SAP Crystal Reports. Here is a list of our current standard reports. Agent / Partner Reports

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