Rounding Options in TimelyBill

Several types of rounding methods can be used in TimelyBill. When rating telecom-based or other usage, TimelyBill's rounding rules help ensure consistent and accurate billing and provide clarity to customers regarding how charges are calculated and displayed.

TimelyBill Universe of Features

TimelyBill Software Feature Map Illustration of TimelyBill's core billing software features and key integrations. A visualization of our software features orbiting around the core platform. The TimelyBill billing platform includes many components, all carefully designed to operate within a single "universe."  This integrated approach allows telecom companies to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and gain greater control of their data.

TimelyBill Usage Rate Decks & Plans

You can charge customers based on their usage by configuring rate decks in our billing system. Rates are grouped into rate decks, which are wrapped into usage plans. These plans get assigned to a service or added to a product in our product catalog.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Our flexible customer account management tools are designed to help service providers deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here are some key features of TimelyBill's core CRM tool: Telecom customer data management: Securely manage and organize your customer data within our system. Store, update, and retrieve customer info, such as contact details, service subscriptions, billing information, and notes history.

Billing Calling Plans with Free Minutes

TimelyBill Manages Complex Billing for Calling Plans with Free Minutes Introduction One common hurdle telecom providers face is managing complex rate plans and incorporating the concept of free minutes for calling. In this post, we'll delve into the complexities of rate plans with free minutes and explore how they impact billing processes.

Bill Perfect Inc. Passes SOC 1 Type II Audit

DENVER, N.C. - April 26, 2023 Bill Perfect, Inc., a leading billing software provider, announced today that it has completed its SOC 1 Type II audit. This achievement demonstrates the company's commitment to ensuring the highest level of security and reliability for its customers. The SOC 1 Type II audit is a rigorous process that evaluates a company's controls related to financial reporting. An independent third-party auditor conducts it and involves a comprehensive review of the company's policies, procedures, and systems. "The successful completion of our SOC 1 Type II examination audit provides Bill Perfect's clients with the assurance that the controls and safeguards we employ to protect and secure their data are in line with industry standards and best practices," said Todd Knower, COO. Bill Perfect, Inc. has provided cloud-based billing software to communications service providers for more than a decade. The company's focus on innovation and custome

TimelyBill is a Mitel Next 2023 Silver Sponsor

We're pleased to announce TimelyBill's "silver sponsorship" of the Mitel Next 2023. At the event, attendees will participate in sessions featuring detailed content about Mitel's strategy and future roadmap. Mitel Next 2023 takes place in Aurora, Colorado, April 19-21.

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